Here are a few of the hundreds of articles I have ghostwritten and published for financial professionals over the past three decades.

Expect to Work Harder
MPT-Hardly Modern
Social Security Considerations
Planning & Common Language
Roth Conversion Strategy
Retiree Silence Speaks Volumes
Value Investing
Chasm to Independence
Threat of Packaged Products
You are not Yale
Lift the Revenue Sharing Fog
Time for a Visit
Hidden Cost of Speculation
The Lost Decade
Cashflow Stability
Learning from History
Grandparent Investing
Control 401k Costs
Common VA Mistakes
Assess Downside First
Bye-Bye to Buy & Hold
Entering Your Client’s Secret Garden
Basic Training Revisited
Defensive Dividends
Jeopardy Investing
Residential Remainder Trust
Probability of Portfolio Success
Investor Frustration with Wall Street
Dividend Stocks
Age Appropriate Planning
The Wall Street Deception
Keys to International Investment
Avoiding 1031 Traps
Left Behind: Surviving Spouses
Endlife Planning
Myth of Portfolio Diversification
Real Estate Bubble
Tenant-in-Common Pitfalls
Bond Managers: Check Your Assumptions
Concentrated Portfolio Positions
Satisfying Self-Made Clients
Time for International Equities
Different Animals
Market Neutral Strategy
Value Investing
Before You are Indicted
Gifting with Charitable Trusts
Who’s the Perfect Trustee?
Why Laddering Doesn’t Work
401k Rollover Mistakes
Social Investing
Global Diversification
Global Shift Opportunities
Convergence & Transparency: Market Neutral Hedging
Portfolio Laddering Doesn’t Work
Inflation Index Bonds a Bad Deal
Consider Convertible Arbitrage